Camping is one of the best activities any travel enthusiast would love. It’s for the adventure seekers who want to learn a lot of survival skills when sleeping with nature! You will also get to learn a lot of values and be able to spend quality time with yourself or loved ones. If you’re one who will really camp in the rough and do everything yourself, then it’s best to consider getting a Marbles camping axe to chop wood and other materials important for camping.

Not only will a Marbles camping axe help you with chopping materials, but they will also be a great method of self-defense, especially if you meet small predators along the way. But which Marbles camping axe is the best to invest in? It may be confusing for first-timers! In this article, we give you our top three picks on the best Marbles camping axe!

Top Three Best Marbles Camping Axe

Here are our top three picks on the best Marbles camping axe:


Marbles Outdoors Knives 701SB Camp Axe


If you’re looking for the basic Marbles camping axe to do the job, then the 701SB is it. It’s 15 and 3/4 inches tall, with its handle made out of American Hickory. You are assured a quality handle built to last, just like the metal blade of the axe. The axe itself is made out of high carbon steel with a 4-inch cutting edge, able to cut through any strong material with ease. The handle has a lanyard hole so you can easily hang it anywhere for easy storage and reachability when needed.

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Marbles Black Finish Belt Axe


This axe only weighs two pounds, making it a great camping axe to easily bring around without hassle. Its overhead is 14 and 1/4 inches tall, with a head of seven inches. It has a handle made out of hickory wood and comes with a marble sheath to keep the axe protected and safe from any misuse from children. The axe is made of stainless steel with a three-inch cutting edge to cut through a lot of strong material without putting much effort. It’s durable and known to last for many camping trips to come.

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Marbles Stainless Belt Axe


This belt axe only weighs two pounds and can be hung around the belt for easy carrying when hunting or going camping. It’s a survival axe that can withstand anything and can cut through strong wood or material. The handle is unfinished, but that’s what makes it a good purchase. Made out of hickory wood, all you need to is to add a bit of quality oil and it will feel comfortable around your hands. It comes with a leather sheath to protect the axe blade and keep you safe. Plus, the axe is made out stainless steel, making it very strong.

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In Conclusion

If you are going camping, there are a lot of camping gears you will be able to invest in. These are needed in order to keep you safe and have the memorable trip you expect without hassle. The Marbles camping axe is one of the important survival equipment you will want to consider purchasing in order for you to ward away small predators and chop wood efficiently. You can purchase any of these axes from reputable online shops, or from local stores near you. So what are you waiting for? Invest on the camping axe for your next trip today.